Art and Soul Innovations

ASIArt and Soul Innovations encourages artistic expression, personal development, and leadership in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning and allied youth by supporting the youths’ original works and by helping the youths to educate their peers and the community through the presentation of those works. ASI helps establish troupes for youth who learn to express their creativity and create excellent theater. The troupes’ community, support and acceptance alleviate marginalization.

Mukti Fund

muktifundnamescanThe Mukti Fund is a small private foundation established in 1983. For many years it funded cultural heritage and environmental projects in the eastern Caribbean on the islands of St. Kitts and Nevis. After completing that program in 2005, the Mukti Fund began supporting Queer youth initiatives . In 2009, we started the Queer Youth Theater Fund (QYTF), a fourth year of which will be funded in 2012.


pfund_logo_tagblackPFund has grown to become a vibrant and vital community foundation, thanks to support over the years from thousands of individual donors and hundreds of volunteers. The foundation now annually awards thousands of dollars in grants and scholarships to LGBT-related individuals and organizations throughout the Upper Midwest – in Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

James Reeb

uulogoFounded in 1993, James Reeb Unitarian Universalist Congregation is comprised of about one hundred twenty-five members. One of our greatest gifts is our ability to accept and welcome people for who they are. We are a welcoming congregation that reflects the many kinds of family constellations that choose to make JRUUC their spiritual home. In September of 2004 we welcomed our settled minister, Rev. Darrel L. Richey into our community. We remodeled our space in 2009, bringing in natural light and enlarging our Sanctuary, lobby and kitchen.

Life After Hate

0661e1_ee1d13ff73e74394aea3913257eace66Life After Hate is an online magazine dedicated to basic human goodness, which is the innate and natural desire to live an open and honest life while treating all other life with compassion and respect. This core truth serves as the foundation for peace as it is common to every world religion and transcending of ethnicity, nationality, sexuality, and any other sort of difference that seems to sort human beings.




Gaygull is an inclusive resource for the LGBTQ community, founded on the premise that LGBTQ people are as deserving as anyone to enjoy equal rights, considerations, opportunities and benefits consistent with the freedom to love whomever one chooses. Our goal is to organize information specific to LGBTQ communities on one, easily accessible website, to help our readers all across America live fulfilling lives as their true selves. Together we can share the resources we need to be the thriving individuals that we aspire to be!