The first Proud Theater performance I attended enriched my life in so many ways; it is an essential and unique voice in Madison’s Theatre community. In Particular Proud Theater has fostered the creation of exploring the depth and breadth of the LGBTQ experience in profound imaginative ways. It creates a safe place for our youth to explore and become their authentic self and give back to our community. Proud Theater has become of our city’s greatest theatrical treasures, one which deserves our wholehearted support.
Ken Monteleone, Owner/Proprietor of Fromagination in Madison, WI

Proud Theater reaches out to youth, helping talented and creative young people to discover their own voice, in the midst of an amazing supportive community of other youth and adults. Projects like “It Gets Better” are important, but LGBT young people still in middle or high school also deserve our support now. In coming together every week to produce original theater based on their own experiences that’s later shared in the larger community, these young people are communicating important messages we all need to hear. The result is theater that entertains and engages while it educates. No politically correct preaching or “hit you over the head” messages – just prose and music and comedy that draw you into performances reflective of the authentic experiences of a younger generation. Every community should have a Proud Theater. Make a difference today through your generous support.
John Quinlin, President, WI UN Association, Madison LGBT Community Leader

PROUD THEATER WAUSAU has been a Godsend to LGBTQ and supporter youth in Wausau! PROUD creates a safe and caring environment for youth to feel free to express their ideas and tell their own stories, without any judgment by the others. WAUSAU PROUD began in October 2011 and has grown into a lovely group of people who share a common bond with each other through PROUD. I absolutely love working with this group, these mentors and these inspiring youth!!!!!
Larry Kirchgaessner – Artistic Director – Proud Theater Wausau

Proud Theater has been a place where our son can go, and always feels as if he is in a safe and accepting environment. It is a place where being yourself, and fitting in, are the same thing. Proud Theater’s adult mentors encourage creativity, while educating the kids about LGBTQA issues, and inspiring them to be engaged. They help the students find a voice to speak out about what is going on outside around them, but also inside their own heads.

Proud Theater has been an excellent introduction to all aspects of theater, on stage, and behind it as well. Everyone is important. Whether a person is Writing, Choreographing, Directing, Performing, Tech, or Crew, everyone is important, and everyone has a voice in the production. These productions also have served as a source of inspiration and pride for the group’s members. Watching pieces they have created, be performed on an actual stage, and appreciated by a real audience is an experience they will cherish, and carry with them wherever they go.
Dan and Chris Harvey, parents of Proud Theater Youth

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